Passion for good food


Fracascia Luca was born in Gemona del Friuli (Udine) on 24.09.1982.

Since Luca was a child, Luca's mother says, he wanted to become a Chef.

His main gift is certainly the tenacity and desire to learn by putting himself on the line. This dowry puts it into practice at a very young age, in fact at the age of 14 the young Luca, while being able to work in a real professional kitchen, pretended to be sick at school without the knowledge of his family and went to a restaurant in the village where he went free to wash the dishes.

At the age of 15 he started the hotel management school in Udine, where in addition to the practice he began to learn also the theory of true Italian cuisine.

After 4 years of study and a lot of apprenticeship in various restaurants in the area at the age of 20, Luca does not pleased with the wealth of experience accumulated in the same restaurants, he decided to go in search of new culinary horizons.

The first stop is in the far Germany , more precisely in Nordeney, where the young Luca was immediately appreciated for his creativity in the composition and presentation of his dishes.

After an excellent year spent on the German island, Luca moved to England more precisely in London, where after a period of adaptation to a kitchen totally different from ours, Luca always thanks to his stubbornness manages to imprint his refined kitchen Italian in a well-known local restaurant. Experiment that will be greatly appreciated by the restaurant management and above all by the refined English restaurant clientele.

After his adventure beyond the sleeve, Luca begins to wander around Europe in search of new horizons and culinary know-how. Thanks to this period Luca himself tells us that he was able to learn new cooking methods and techniques, which in some cases allowed him to improve and refine himself much more and that opened the horizons of a capable Italian chef very much to amaze thanks to the refined cuisine of beautiful Italy. Luca has also been able in many cases to combine our kitchen with that of other countries with results surprising.

After this culinary journey around Europe, Luca moved to Berlin, where for 4 years he was the head of different chefs Italian restaurants in the city.

Luca has been with his partner Severina and their beautiful child Niccolò for 4 years now living in Zurich, where Luca has already shown off his skills as a chef in different hotels and restaurants in the area. Returning to his main talent, the tenacity and desire to learn, putting himself on the line Luca could not help but have something of his own, so after years of sacrifice around Europe, Luca gets involved with his restaurant.

For him it will be like opening the doors of his house to his customers and dedicating himself to them as if they were guests of the house, hence the name (restaurant A Casa di Luca), where Luca will put the art of Good Food into practice, accompanied from a good glass of wine and a lot of passion.

...this will be the recipe of Chef Luca.

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